A Bride's must use: Taobao! Wedding buys via 65Daigou. (:

Thursday, May 29, 2014

So i ordered like a hell lot of wedding related stuff from Taobao via 65Daigou, everything is so fast and easy it's unbelievable~

Blogged about how to use 65Daigou here, if you're a taobao noobie hehe 

So here's some of the awesome stuff i bought!

Bow ties for the groom (from this seller), love that they are packaged carefully and so nicely in their individual boxes by the seller, the top one will go so with his evening suit and the bottom leather texture one would look great for the morning gatecrash! :D

I also ordered these boutonniere for the groom! hehe (from this seller)

I got the suspenders for our groomsmen and he wore his in our 1st location of the shoot! (from this seller)

Really good quality yet super affordable bow ties for the groomsmen (from this seller) and Leon's kitty Ninja and Magic doggie (from this seller)! Hahaha we even "borrowed" one of the groomsmen bow tie for our Dino concept photo shoot!

I don't know how the seller did it, but they sell these rustic dried real hydrangens + lavender boutonniere which i got for the groomsmen, the seller was really careful to pack these well and it came in perfect condition! (: Abit bigger than i expected thou!

Finally, some pretty little things for the bride! hahaha this lovely petite dried flower hair clip that i used for my pre-wedding photo shoot just last week, i think I'll reuse it for my actual day too!

The quality is really good and it's only like $50! (from this seller)
Ordered this short tea length gown for one of a more cheeky concept for our pre-wedding shoot!

"Behind the scenes" of the shoot wearing this dress!

I bought this pair of heels on the left to go with the gown but Leon is damn blur king and he left it out and didn't bring out my white sparkly heels and one of the evening gowns for the photo shoot! *大扣分!!!* (which means super minus points for that!)

Got the pink heels to go with my pink cheongsum for the wedding tea ceremony, you can never guess how much is it!! freaking 10 bucks OMG. (from this seller)

I bought a ton of decor items too such as pom poms (from this seller), the quality is really good and it stays in shape well and it's super cheap like 50cents per piece?! it's just crazy haha 

These adorable 喜 signs! (from this seller) I didn't know they are like static sheets so it wouldn't harm your wall/glass and it stays on any surface! I was kind of doubtful so i tried it on my bedroom wall and look!

So cute some more! hehe it's like 40 cents for 2 of the big pieces, OMG SO CHEAP.
Other than wedding stuff i bought lots of nice clothes and cardigans etc as well and even lingerie! 

Even these adorable fragrance pouches which i shared with my mummy too! Baby sleepy bunny~

Gonna shop shop shop again and see what i need and make another order on soon! (:
I bought some much stuff from my 2 ordered that I've already been bumped to VIP status hahaha but I'm sure this is the case for many since it's so addictive!

Definitely gonna buy more items from some sellers because i only bought 1-2 pieces for some sellers to "test the quality" and it's really not bad!

PS! You can use 65Daigou services for Taiwan and also USA merchants. (:

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♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick 

Tokyo Bust Express

Monday, May 26, 2014

If you've seen my previous post, you would know that my pre-wedding photo shoot is coming up in a month's time! I've already dropped about 5kg since last month and i think perhaps with another month to the photo shoot, to drop another 2-3kg would be good enough! 

I know it might be weird to some people that I don't intend to like drop another 10kg or whatever.. because I don't want to lose my boobs! LOL 

All thanks to my mummy's genes, I'm pretty blessed to have my "assets", feels shy to even say this haha but at the same time, I’ve always been concerned about them not being firm enough and what would happen as I get older! 0.0 

I’ve always believed in massaging and applying bust firming creams, obviously at my age I’ll probably not see that much difference, but I think this “maintenance” process is very important! If you wait till your boobs are droopy then how to firm back your skin?! I try to be diligent about it, but sometimes it just slips my mind! Lol I feel like I have so many creams and gels to apply from top to toe the minute I step out of the shower. 

As a beauty blogger, I’ve tried so many different types of facial/body treatments but I’ve never actually tried any treatments for my boobs! I've heard that some of my blogger friends have tried out treatments at Tokyo Bust Express previously but truth be told i was quite doubtful and I was wondering what kind of results I'll be able to see from one treatment, but I'm really hoping to have firmer and a more lifted bustline!

Last week, I went to Tokyo Bust Express, Novena Square 2 outlet, quite convenient for me to get there from work cos it's just a short drive on the expressway and I'm there! 
Peek into the waiting area from the consultation room

The ladies from the reception ushered me into the consultation room and was served a glass of ginger tea, filled up a standard profile form while i waited for my specialist, Carmen.

I was feeling quite tired from work and the gently lit consultation room made me feel pretty relaxed. (:

I changed into a kimono and Carmen did a bust analysis and after a short chat, we determined that previous attempts of sudden weight lost could have be the cause of my bust not being as firm as it should have been.  From the bust analysis, Carmen would customize and tailor made a treatment plan for every individual!

Since my goal of the treatment is wanting to see a lifted, firmer effect, my specialist Carmen advised that she would focus on firming treatments and i should see instant results due to the various natural ingredients such as Wild Mexican Yam, Dang gui etc that they use for this treatment! For the treatment, they use 100% natural ingredients so you don't have to worry about having side effects or unknown chemicals.

She then brought me to the treatment room, they were so sweet! Even decorated the treatment room with rose petals and i felt so pampered! 

I was worried that it will be awkward or weird for somebody else to be doing treatments on my bust but fortunately my specialist Carmen was very professional and i did not feel any awkwardness at all, not to mention she's so cute and funny!

Settled down into the comfy treatment bed and she proceed to do a quick shoulder massage and it was so so soooo relaxing, followed by a firming scrub which in turn will remove all the dead skin cells thus increase the efficiency of absorption of the rest of the treatment.

After the scrub, it was followed by a Bust-Up Massage using this Bust Toning Essence mentioned earlier which is the key to this treatment! It hurts a little but I heard that it's absolutely normal because its the first time Im doing this treatment. Do you know that treatments at Tokyo Bust Express also has health benefits? By boosting circulation via the massages it will aid in lymphatic drainage, preventing breast cancer and other related diseases as well!

After the massage, I was strapped to a Push Up Machine to complete this firming treatment. This treatment would further stimulate the glands, tone and lift bust and also maintain the bust shape!

The Before, After results is simply AMAZING, we did a marking on a piece of paper which was stuck on the wall before the treatment, which my nipples was at the level labelled "B", and after this treatment it was instantly lifted to the point labelled "A"!

It's quite unbelievable that with only one session of treatment, that I manage to actually see results at all, and after getting dressed i realized before, my bust wasn't so "full" before the treatment but after the treatment my bust looks more lifted! 

Imagine all the time I've wasted applying creams and serum at all with not much apparent results, but with the professional care and customized treatments at Tokyo Bust Express I think I'll be able to have the firm, lifted boobs that i have always wanted in no time at all! :D

If you're looking for a non-invasive way to enhance your bust size or effective way to help firm up your bustline, you should totally try out the treatments at Tokyo Bust Express!

Tokyo Bust Express is offering the below for TheLuckiestChick readers: 

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+ 1 additional Free Treatment of your choice!


To participate:

T + C:
Females above 18 years old and above only. Strictly by appointment only. Promotion valid for 2 months from end April.

Location of Tokyo Bust Express outlets in Singapore :

City Square Mall [180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539]
Park Mall [9 Penang Road #11-06 Spore 238459]
Nex Mall [23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 556083]
 Novena Square 2 [10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 307506]

For more information you can always visit Tokyo Bust Express or call 6262 6161 to make an enquiry or to book an appointment !

Addicted to shopping on Taobao via 65Daigou!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

I've been addicted to shopping on Taobao lately! Our wedding is now 7 months away and the pre-wedding photoshoto is in 2 weeks so i wanted to order some stuff for that. To be honest ever since Taobao SEA has launched everyone around me has been going crazy taobao-ing and I remain to be one of those slowpokes saying "huh how to use taobao?! Everything is so complicating!" - or so i thought!

And i truly tried ok! A couple months back I tried adding some items into my cart and when it came to checking out, i was stumped and i've no idea how to make payment and shipping so i gave up. ):

I was chatting with Leon friend's gf and she mentioned to me that she's using 65Daigou to make her taobao purchase and how much things there are to buy on taobao and she asked me to go sign up for an account on 65Daigou and they provide these simple instructions on how it works which i realize.. it's really damn easy!

I've actually bought stuff from taobao years ago when "shopping sprees" in forums were the rage, remember the days where you copy and paste the URL of the item you want to buy, enter all the details such as price, colour, size etc and you pay the spree person via bank transfer and they will wait till there were enough orders and they would order and mail you your loots when it reached SG?

LOL feel so old school and nostalgic! I think i spent all of my late teen years "spree shopping" like nuts! But there's just this funny feeling like you're handling your $$$ to random people in forums and what if they run off with your $! I remember there were quite a number of cases like that then! 

Basically 65daigou feels like how sprees work, but 100000000000x safer, better and easier!

For example, i want to buy this sweater:

All i have to do is, simply start by copy+paste the url of the item you would like to purchase here and click "EZ-BUY"

Then this would pop up, all you have to do is check if the price is right as on the taobao site, select your qty, add comments of the size and colour (if any), select warehouse and method, i always choose Shanghai and Express Air, you can choose to drop this item if it's out of stock or add an additional choice like you can choose another color to replace if it's OOS. Simple and just like you're spreeing right?

After clicking submitting you can choose to add more items or check out and make payment!

When you go to your shopping cart, you can review all your orders in the shopping cart and check out if you want or leave the items in your cart while you shopping more and compile more items to buy at one go.

Payment is a breeze too! I always make payment via debit/credit card simply because i'm too lazy to do bank transfer, but you can choose to also pay via Ibanking, ATM transfer and also Paypal! This was such a relieve that it's so easy breezy since i mentioned previously when i tried to shop and check out on taobao SEA i encountered problems when i wanted to make payment.

After payment has been made, 65daigou quickly starts to process the orders.

 Order status will be updated promptly at every stage so I'm always super excited when i refresh the order page to see my ordered item status turning to "Order placed / Item dispatched / Item received, pending inspection and repack and finally.. Ready for shipment!" 

lol cheap thrill! in a way i feel like of thrilling when i see the status change!!

As soon as the items reaches the China warehouse, I can ship them to Singapore and when it arrives, i'll be able to select delivery method (home delivery /self-collection / MRT pickup / Neighborhood collection), and make my 2nd payment (international shipping fee + agent fee)!

I really love how easy and seamless everything is and i can't wait for my items to arrive!!!

I really ordered a shitload of things for the wedding because everything is so amazingly cheap, since i need to buy these things anyway in singapore it will easily cost 30x more so not buying them from taobao is like doing a diservice to myself. LOL! I'll make sure to check the ratings of the shop owner and also the reviews on the items before buying thou.

Although i already have 3 gowns for the upcoming pre-wed photoshoot, we came up with a concept that we wanted to look more "cheeky" so i ordered this adorable tea gown which would look perfect and it only cost about $$50!

Bought bow ties and suspenders for the brothers and it's really really affordable, like 4 pcs of bow tie is a grand total of $9.28 and 4 pcs of suspenders is $12.64, how to find that sort of prices in Singapore?!

I also ordered a number of these pretty corsages + boutonniere for the wedding party and the groom too.

Love this piece with real dried flower and lavender! These are all from different stores and cost between $3 - $9 each and i ordered a total of 20 pcs of an assortment of them for our wedding party - groomsmen, bridesmaid, parents, grandparents and leon's siblings.

Heh Ninja kitty + Magic the papilion will not be spared on our wedding day too! Ordered these cute bows for them both at like S$1 each!

Hahah i've even ordered a number of long sleeved tops and sweaters for our honeymoon in europe since it will be in the dead of winter and i don't wanna freeze to death!

Btw i saw the exact same piece on gmarket kr and it was like 30usd or something but here it's only about S$8, OMG.

Got these adorable pumps in hot pink to go with my tea ceremony customized cheongsum and it's only S$11! I read the reviews and many of them said that it's really comfy and good quality so we'll see when it's here if it's that awesome I'd buy it in other colors too!

Feel free to drop me a comment if you've any questions on shopping on Taobao or using 65Daigou and i will try to help if i can! (:

Other than providing easy shopping/shipping services from China merchant such as Taobao they also have similar services for Taiwan merchants and USA online stores! 
Forever21.. Urban Outfitter.. Amazon.. SHOP DIE ME, that will be like the happiest death ever hahahaha!

Sign up for your account and start shopping like crazy on !

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